Our Story

LGBTQ store owner

I’m Sarah, the founder and owner of Queer Gear. I’m a queer that makes stuff for queers!

It took me a long time to come out and even longer to feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone wear “queer clothes.” And once I finally started snooping around for some cool gear to represent my identity, many of the products I found were still exclusive to certain identities, tacky, gaudy, or low quality.

Why was LGBTQ+ clothing only sold by sketchy online vendors who also sell beer pong sets, bottle openers, and whoopie cushions? Shouldn't LGBTQ+ clothing be made by LGBTQ+ creators?

And so, Queer Gear was born! 

Queer Gear makes must-have pieces that are perfect for Pride parades, date night with your partner, political events, awkward holiday dinners with the family, or anywhere else you want to be uniquely, proudly, and unapologetically you.

Today, I’m honored to work with members of the community to produce high-quality products that aren’t only cute but also make a difference in individuals’ mindsets and confidence. Finding stylish queer-related clothing is a minor struggle compared to the discrimination and isolation that millions of LGBTQ+ members continue to face. Queer Gear is about bringing representation and awareness to this tenacious fight without stereotyping and helping every person show that there is unity in diversity.

I found what I was looking for in Queer Gear. I hope you do too!